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Daddy4K is an exclusive 100% 4K ultra-hd site focused entirely on older man with younger girl scenarios. In each of the full length 4K videos, a really old man finds himself alone with the beautiful and nubile girlfriend of his son (there is a different actor/dad and actress/daughter in each video). It’s surprising how older man are often so sexually appealing to beautiful young girls. You don’t believe me? Just watch how quickly these girls drop their panties for grandpa. Even when the son/boyfriend catches them, the young slut can’t stop herself ogasming.

Well, yes, truth be told, the young actresses in the movies here do seem to be enjoying the sex – which gives us all hope. And this is a real old/young niche site, with the ‘dads’ being genuinely old geezers who can’t believe their good fortune at getting the chance to fuck some beautiful young pussy again. Even more than the girls, as you might expect, the old guys really look like they are in heaven with their dicks inside the tight, wet holes of beautiful young women. As this is such a relatively rare niche in the porn industry, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the old guys in the movies aren’t regular porn actors, but perhaps studio hands or simply friends or relatives of the porn studio staff (or even the girls, hehe). Most of them certainly don’t look like they could ever have been pornstars even in their youth.

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In most of the movies, the ‘daddys’ are supposed to be the fathers of the girl’s young boyfriends or husbands, occasionally the mum’s new boyfriend, so this isn’t really a ‘stepdaddy’ roleplay site. But hey, as mentioned above, who knows what relationship these old guys have to the girls?!

Dedicated 4K Porn Movie Network

Unlike many 4K sites, Daddy4K was established from the beginning as a 4K ultra-hd site (as you might guess from the title). That means that the studio were intent on making the most of the higher resolution right from the beginning, rather than simply upgrading to a new format.

And the old/young niche does work superbly well in the higher resolution, enabling the contrast between the old wrinkly skin of the daddys to contrast with the flawless peachy smooth skin of the nubile young girls they are fucking.

This is one of a network of sites, all 4K porn sites. Membership of one, gets you full access to all the others, which include similar old/young movies, especially the site Old4K.

I’m not sure how frequently updates to Daddy4K are being made currently, but for fans of this niche looking for premium content in 4K, then the one month trial at $29.95 seems a decent value option to me.

Reasons To Join Daddy4K

  • Dedicated 4K site from a studio focused on ultra-hd porn
  • Old/young niche works particularly well in 4K ultra-hd
  • Genuinely old and ordinary men fucking nubile young beauties
  • A membership gives you access to entire 4K porn network
  • Good value for the $29 one month trial membership

Free Daddy4K HD Trailers

HD trailers of full-length 4K movies available to members.

Mom’s Two Daughters Getting Naughty In Her Property

Two beautiful young Czech girls finally met their mom’s new boyfriend. The dirty cad is quickly showing them his stiff cock, and the naughty things are only too eager to start sucking and riding it!


Young Beauty Easily Seduced By Old Fart In The Bar

Beautiful young angel is easily seduced a fat, ugly perv in the bar, and unsurprisingly feels shame after he’s unloaded his sperm on to her young face and body.

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