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Top 5 Value 4K Pay Sites

I decided to take a look at which 4K porn pay site offers the best value for money in terms of content released and the price of membership. What I found was that the top 5 4K porn pay sites for cost of membership/number of new videos each month are :

1. Private – $1.36 per new video.
2. Tiny4K – $2.48 per new video.
3. Cum4K – $2.48 per new video.
4. FTV Girls – $4.99 per new video.
5. Teen Fidelity – $7.49 per new video.

latest 4K Private videos

As you can see, the winner is Private, the 4K porn site that releases more new videos each month than any other. It’s monthly membership subscription cost is fairly typical at $29.95, but it releases around 22 new 4K videos each month, meaning it costs a subscriber only $1.36 for each new 4K movie he can download. Of course, this isn’t the only criteria one should consider for the title of ‘best 4K porn site‘, but it goes a long way in answering the question as to which 4K pay site gives you the best bang for your buck!