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Jay’s POV Review

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Jay’s POV is an established hardcore POV sex movie site, now filming in 4K ultra-hd. Featuring some of the biggest names in the American porn industry, all movies are filmed expertly in POV style, so you get to feel somewhat part of the sex scene as you view it from the point of view (POV) of the male performer.

POV porn has become increasingly popular over the years, and is of course ubiquitous in the growing niche of virtual reality porn. This, however, is the only site I know of (non-VR) that is currently filming POV style in 4K ultra-hd.

4K Ultra-HD Adds Ultra Realism To POV Sex Action

The reason why POV porn is popular with many is because it creates a far more intimate and real sex video. Not only do you get to see, more or less, what the lucky chap having his dick sucked or banging a babe doggy style sees, but it doesn’t feel so much like it’s a studio experience, as the male performer is the cameraman (or apparently so).

All this is very much enhanced in 4K ultra-hd. You’re on the bed, virtually inside the body of the guy having sex, and the visuals look as sharp and real as real life in 4K.

Note also that although most virtual reality porn sites are filming in 4K resolution or better, the effective resolution is halved when viewing in a VR headset (because the screen is split for each eye). So 4K POV (non VR) is currently better than any resolution you’ll experience in virtual reality (although one VR site has recently (June 2020) began filming in 8K, which equals 4K for each eye).

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Reasons To Join Jay’s POV

  • A premium 4K site that almost uniquely focuses on the popular POV niche
  • The intimacy and realism of POV scenes is enhanced greatly by 4K UHD
  • Produced by one of the leading porn studios
  • Over 180 videos with a new release each week
  • A wide variety of actresses from famous names to fresh young talent